Protein Gusto - Cheese Soup
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DescriereProtein Gusto - Cheese Soup

We recommended Protein Gusto Cheese Soup if you:

  • like delicious, quick and easy-to-prepare modern foods
  • don’t want to give up delicious tastes even during a diet
  • love reform cuisine as the high-protein cheese soup powder can be the basis for great recipes

Are you looking for a diet full of taste? Protein Gusto is a product line of functional food with high protein content and no added sugar. The line includes several delicious and nutritious products that are easy to prepare and will perfectly fit into your diet.

  • High protein content with combined proteins
  • Low fat and carbohydrate content
  • With no added sugar
  • Quick and easy-to-prepare
  • Gluten-free
  • No preservatives

Who wouldn’t love a nice, creamy soup, either as part of your main meal or on its own? Soups excellently fill your stomach and regular soup consumption contributes to your necessary daily intake of fluids. However, traditionally prepared, high-fat and high-calorie cream soups are unfortunately on the ban list during a diet. When creating Protein Gusto, one of our criteria was that you shouldn’t have to give up culinary pleasures even during your diet! Its high protein content contributes to maintaining muscles during workout, a strict diet and your everyday life. And to top it off, one serving contains just a little over 100 calories! It’s also recommended to those suffering from gluten sensitivity as it’s gluten-free, with no added sugar. It’s quick and easy-to-prepare and it can be served cold or hot, according to taste.

Eat life by the bowlful and stay in shape with the Protein Gusto soup powder!

Per serving (30 g):

  • 17 g protein
  • 3.6 g carbohydrate
  • 2.8 g fat

Like all BioTechUSA products, Protein Gusto Cheese Soup consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.


Directions: - Mix 30 g (1 packet) powder with 200 ml hot water (max. 80°C). Serve hot or cold according to taste.

Gusto Protein Blend (whey protein concentrate, casein), palm fat, skimmed milkpowder, cheddar cheese powder (6.4%), rice flour, salt, flavour enhancer (sodium glutamate),flavours, emulsifier (soy lecithin), onion powder, parsley powder, garlic powder, thickener (xanthangum), black pepper, basil, colours (tartrazine*, indigotine). * Tartrazine: May have an adverseeffect on activity and attention in children. Made in a plant that also manufactures egg andmustard containing foods.

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